1. How to be brave. 

One of the most important things you can do to combat fear and be more brave in your life is to pay attention to what is going on for you right now. You need to be conscious about your strengths and weaknesses. You must understand that fear can only exist is in our thoughts of the future, which in many cases is what stops you from finding the best things in life. Fear is the most dangerous and destructive emotion of all human emotions. Fear kills dreams, it kills hope, and puts people in the hospital. Fear makes us sick and can hold you back through life. To be brave despite all your fears is about controlling your mind. It is possible, fear can be tamed, you can tame that beast. You must be brave enough to face your fears as quickly as possible before fear poison your belief system and makes you a victim of fear. Hiding from your feelings makes the object of fear seem more massive and daunting. The first step of concurring fear is to acknowledge your fears and accept that they exist and confront them with one small step at the time. Carl Jung once said: “whatever you resist will persist”. The things we fail to own and acknowledge about ourselves, finds ways of showing and sabotaging our success. The worst thing you can possibly do is to ignore your fears. If you have a rose garden with beautiful roses and see weeds growing in that garden, then you must as soon as possible remove the weeds, if you don't do it the weeds will overrun the roses and take over. So you cant ignore it. 

2. Bravery is a skill.

All skills need practice. What you do every day - even if it is small baby steps - are more important than what you do once a month. Repetition is the mother of all skills. If you want to get stronger, go to the gym often and build that habit of forcing you muscles to adaptation. The same goes for bravery, when you challenge your fears again and again, the discomfort of it will be less daunting and you will find yourself doing bigger and braver things with less effort than when you started. Pave your way slowly but steady towards your “end goal.” Start with your easiest fear and work upwards. In that way you will build self esteem and confidence. Set up milestones like a chart and position them from 1-10; 1 is the easiest and 10 is the massive dragon of fear. With that plan you will know that every step you take puts you closer of winning the battle of freedom. Freedom is when you can do all the things you want. You can act, you can express, you can think. And foremost, you can explore the world without being controlled or limited by fear.

You can do this! Yes it will be scary sometimes, but that is what bravery means - to do it even though you are scared. Every step you take will count, don't let your fear stop you from exploring the world. When you explore new things, you build yourself with new experiences. Every experience strengthens your foundation in your life. You will become more competent of handling adversity, setbacks and fear. Let go of your safe zone, “the comfort zone”. Nothing worth having can come from that state of mind. Expose yourself to your fears, hardships and victories, I can promise you that you will become a stronger, tougher and wiser version of yourself. The harder the battle the sweeter the victory. 

Kind regards