Hero Academy

Personal Discovery's Hero Academy is a program for creating a workplace where employees enjoy and flourish by developing them to heroes.

Hiring a new replacement can cost up to 33% of an employee's annual salary

I want to create a workplace where you stand up for each other, where the management see the person behind the numbers and where you get an appreciation for your job as a co-workers. A workplace should be a place to be proud of. The employees should be proud to wear the company logo on their back. The truth is that it's very hard to be proud of a workplace that does not really care about is employees.
Organizations where employees have high involvement performs 200% better compared to organizations where employees have low involvement
Hero Academy creates a workplace based on the employees’ perspective, lifting questions that is important for them to be able to perform 100 %. Often a small change can create a big difference. Perhaps eating breakfast together on Fridays mornings, or having better quality coffee makes their motivation increase. Perhaps they need better career goals within the company so they grow as employees, or to feel more appreciated and valued. Through a simple survey, I can show the differences between how employees experience the workplace, compared to the management's perception. Then I will give you a plan of action how you with small resources can create a workplace for everyone to be proud of.
60% of employees would like to be more appreciated for their work
Personal Discovery's Hero Academy is aimed to you who is the head of a company and wants to: - Get a more efficient work culture where stand up for each other instead of hurting each other. - Create a company where keep your word between co-worker and customer is essential. - Have employees who are comfortable and proud of the company they represent. People do business with people they trust. In today's competitive society companies have to run to stand still, the bar is being raised all the time. Therefore, as a company, it is necessary to have a united front from top to toe. I help your company to get to the next level. Hero Academy is a tailor made and complete program to solve your unique challenges, with focus on Leadership Teamwork and Loyalty..

You get a tailor made and complete program to solve your unique challenges, with focus on:

Leadership Team spirit Loyalty

We start with a start-up meeting to determine the company's unique problems and challenges
Then all employees and managers can participate in a survey
Based on the answers, flaws can be identified and a plan of action is presented
By following the plan of getting your employees to become heroes, you will get increased profitability
After passing a number of changes within the company, a follow-up meeting takes place