Taking risk is to do the things that scares you, but you still do it. The question is why?

To take risk, you need to have courage, courage to fight a proper enemy that matches your strength or above. Proper risk-taking forces you to be strategic and plan for your step of action. 

In our society we live in today, we have become so paralyzed of fear itself. Taking risk is something that is only related for those who can overcome their safe and boring comfort zone of existence to live a daring meaningful life of excitements.

Is it really a life worth living to always do the thing that is safe and comfortable but risking never fully living just to be safe and comfortable? The answer is NO!

To become somebody, one needs to discover him or herself during times of hardships and discomfort. If you want the gold, then you need to face the dragon who is guarding the gold.  Simple as that, you need to take the risk of losing, to achieve the dream of winning. A fight that is too easy is not worth doing because that does not force you to grow, think or bleed for your dream of a well balanced and exciting life.

For an example, to compete in a race where you have double the strength of your competition will not make you brave, because the risk of losing is deleted by the comfort of winning easily. In other words, you need to be challenged enough to risk losing to gain the reward of winning in life.

To win in life one needs to stand eye to eye with danger.
Danger is a by-product of pursuing your dream or goals or in defence of values as freedom, justice, and peace in life. 

“The desire of safety stands against every great and Nobel 

A safe and boring life is to let the zone of comfort paralyzed you without knowing what life's gift really is… to regress in mind and body and to fall victim to anxiety and depression and all the other doors of darkness will slowly poison the mind of the weak and frightened. The other side of fear is the treasure of life's purpose, meaning growth and the gift of being alive. In the animal kingdom we can see this example play out every single day. Every day you have cheated death is another day of triumph and gratitude. 

Risk of taking the step towards your dream, goals or vision is simply a risk worth taking if a meaningful life is something you want to pursue.

Kind regards