What keeps me moving?...

Within this focus area, we will review the different health benefits of training. We will set up both long-term and short-term goals in order to keep the motivation on steady level. We will also discuss why you want to achieve these goals. Is it because someone else said that training is good for you and would make you happy or are you actually doing it for yourself?

I will help you to create an "Action Plan", a strategy with new patterns for you that you can implement in your life and that will help you achieve your training goals. In order to make the perfect Action Plan that will work for you in the long-run we have to understand what you did in the past and why didn’t work for you. Who is stopping you from achieving good results? If it is the reflection of your mirror that is the biggest problem then you need to overcome that problem first before you can write a new chapter in your book. This Action plan aims to work as a checklist for you goals as well as crafting new habits. Motivation and meaning is key to persistence. Finding your inner motivation will give you the fire to succeed.