The fine tuning you need to make everyday decisions....

Motivation is what gives a person momentum, which creates an internal process that generates actions to work towards a desired goal. To be able to find the inner force to change and become better, one have to have a reason. Why do I want to do this? What does it give me? Confidence, freedom or perhaps a better life?

When you become fully motivated the goal will become bigger than yourself. It will become bigger than your old self and your excuses. Everyone can become a better version of themselves if they just want to bad enough. There’s a difference between to want something and to wish for something. Many people wish to be rich, but they don’t do the things to support that wish or dream. Without the decision for change, we cannot create the change that’s needed to achieve the goal we want. Not knowing how to get there will not stop you. The thing that will stop you however is when you believe that the goal that once motivated you, that lit the inner fire, now seem too far away to ever be achieved.