Inspired to become a hero through personal leadership.

When I lecture, I do it wholeheartedly because I want to capture the listener on an emotional level. With a lot of emotions and dynamics, I not only want to create an impact but also an impression on the listener. If you want a better life then you must want to be better. You have to do the things you have never done in order to get the things you’ve never had. 
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Become your Hero

The inspirational lecture "Become your hero" is a lecture that draws the listeners on a journey where you get to know and experience an idea about ourselves that we did not think existed. The need to become a hero is about supporting oneself when one has lost hope. It's about creating a life of meaning and passion, about rising from adversities and weaknesses, and about growing into the person you can proudly call your best friend. I will show you during the lecture that everything is about you having to believe that you can - even if no one else believes in you. We all owe ourselves a life of pride and respect. Do not overestimate your weaknesses, do not underestimate your strength. Become your hero. Become your best friend!

Zero to Hero

The lecture “Zero to hero” is a learning lecture based on the same philosophy of becoming your hero, with focus on having the courage to challenge yourself - because very often it is fear that prevent us from growing. During the lecture, I will break down the journey of what it takes to become your own hero. I will explain step by step what it takes to go from a zero to a hero. Through the lecture, I’ll  to show you a visual game plan over your life and highlight all the dangers and triumphs you will encounter during the journey to become your hero.

To get the most out of the lectures, I also hold follow-up workshops where the topics are discussed in more detail.

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