Life is a battle. 

A battle with bad habits, a battle for freedom, a battle for our physical and mental health.

A battle against our moral nature, a battle of our fears and our self-destructive tendencies and weaknesses.

Life is hard, but hard life can be a good life. The difference is how we act in contrast to our hardships.

The person who can’t adapt to the circumstances of life is destined to lose, the only way to win is to be formless like water, adapt yourself for every setback, enemy or challenge you face so that you can overcome that obstacle and win. 

Modifying tactics to suit this new challenge becomes even more evident when we see individuals who are lacking this ability. Individuals who in other words become a prisoner by their own psychological and behavioural rigidity. Rigidity in thoughts and actions in life, often guarantees failure in the battlefield of life. The problem with a rigid mindset is that we use the same old tactics to new challenges, this only works if the challenge we face is not challenging us to lose. Many of us have lost once or twice and think that we are not able to defeat this new challenge without given the thought of a new strategy of attack. We instead run away and avoid facing life's challenges because we think that a hard challenge is not worth taken if we can't win with our old ways of thinking so we play the victim card instead.

The more we avoid facing life challenges and hardships the less we live, because we let the hardship, the fear of failure and the fear of success limit us, mentality and physically. To become a warrior who really lives and not a victim who only exists, the individual must be willing to face up to the battles with the adaptively the best promotes victory and success. 

The question is – how do we change from laziness, fear and victimhood to become our own hero and a warrior?

The answer is we need to win our happiness by our struggles on the battlefield. We need to invest in a developed self that has no strings connected to the values of the external world of goods and material experiences. Because if we tie our self to the external values of life, when they disappear, we lose our happiness, and the self goes with it, and you become lost and empty. The warriors focus on the developed self and is always in the process of growth that comes from hardships and challenges. The developed self comes from the development of virtues, skills, character traits and other forms of personal capacities rather than being constructed by external achievements. The sense of self is discovered by the things that push our internal being to grow. That is how you discover what you are and what you're made from, when you interact with the world around you, on a spiritual, psychological and a physical level. Resiliency comes from a discovered self not a constructed self.  The better you become, the more unique you will become as an individual. If your identity is based on external factors, you will be anxious about change that threatens your identity source.

To play the victim card is to fold when hardships knock on your door and become forever paralyzed to take the responsibility to form a better self through discovery of one's fears and challenges and to forever adapt to every level of obstacles that threatens your mobility or flexibility to always adapt when the time calls for it. The warrior's life is constant, because he or she knows that for every new level in life you will meet another devil on the battlefield.