My vision is to create a world of driven individuals who can be a hero to themselves and others. We need strong individuals in society that knows who they are and what they want in life. We live in a comfortable society where we have all the possibilities and conveniences. We have internet, we have running water, we have electricity, doctors to go to, medicines we can buy, sedentary pleasures that allows time to go. The question is why are we so unhappy? We have everything but ourselves.  Depression and anxiety are increasing in our communities. We no longer know who we are, what we stand for or what we want to achieve in life. We are more driven by quick stimulation rather than real passion.

 If you want to reach the next level in life, your values must be changed. If you are driven to amuse others, if you are driven by your fear, if you are driven by your past, it might be time to free yourself from those patterns. In order to get to the next level in life you have to change your patterns and routines that is hurting you, instead of helping you. Old patterns are everything you do on autopilot, it is a behaviour that you have sold to the subconscious mind.

It takes courage, to go where you have never gone before.
Do you have the courage to act according to your ideas and dreams?
Do you have the courage to look for what makes you happy?
Do you have the courage to think outside the box?
Do you have the courage to do what's right and not what's popular?
You must be able to keep calm when everyone else drops it, you must be able to trust yourself when everyone else doubts you and you must be able to wait patiently.

So what I am talking about is personal leadership over one's life, over one's company and over one's health. Investing in knowledge is never wrong, but it is not knowledge that will change you, it is the action based on the knowledge that has been applied that will make the change.
In other words, you can read about weight loss and health which is good, but then you have to act if results are something you want. Do not talk about change, make the change. Knowledge is only potential power. It remains power only if it is organized and firmly executed with massive action.

So what you need to do is

1. Get to know yourself
2. Break old patterns
3. Invest in yourself
4. Dare to challenge your fears
5. Don't talk about what to do - do it!

Becoming her hero is more about becoming your best friend. Each of you has what it takes to be a hero. We all have something to give the world, I think we can all be better than we are today. We are the product of our previous actions - if you are not satisfied with the product you have got, you must change it! It is only by changing yourself that you can create the life you are looking for. Life is a gift, take care of it.