Be successful through personal leadership

Welcome to Personal Discovery, a place for you to discover yourself and take control of your life

Are you tired of feeling lost, limited and uninspired? Do you want to be able to design, create and achieve your ideal life? Are you ready to take charge and be in control of your life, your success and your goals and reach your desired direction?

Then you've come to the right place! Personal leadership is about how you take control and own your life and how to be the best version of you and go as far as you’d like.

What is personal leadership?

When you use personal leadership, you lead from the inside and out. The process means asking yourself - How should I behave, act and think to be the best version of myself? This development is an ongoing process which requires regular and internal reflection and internal.

Your journey begins when you decide to be the blacksmith of your own success and live a life which reflects your values ​​and life goals. You are the artist who throws the color on the canvas.

Why personal leadership?

My vision is to help people develop personal leadership by creating heroes in society; a model for to strive for. Heroes are everywhere, and it's not in appearance or physical strength we see them, but in the size of the heart.

A hero is never born - a hero is created under tough conditions. To be successful, these character traits are crucial:


Having something to strive for, a goal, a dream or a destination. This will ensure that the flame always will burn, even when the days are  dark and cold.


To be able to see without eyes and see something that has not yet taken physical form. Seeing with the mind and not with the eyes is an enormous asset when it comes to reaching one’s goals.


To channel the internal energy to achieving goals and dreams.


Keeping your promises. If you say that you will do something, then do it. This will create both internal and external respect and thus dependability will be part of your characteristics.


To rise again and again, no matter how difficult things are. If you have decided something, then you give everything to achieve it. Determination is to never give up.

Personal leadership - a life investment

You may think ‘Oh, this sounds like a lot of work!’ I don’t want to lie and say that it will be easy, but it will be a life investment. What could be better than looking at yourself in the mirror and feel satisfied with what you have achieved for yourself and your family?

That you are part of strengthening the next generation of society. This also reinforces the entire society and world.

What can Personal Discovery do for you?

As a coach, I want to help strengthen each individual's life, which leads to a stronger society. Anxiety and mental illness are increasing both in Sweden and worldwide. My goal is to change this downward spiral.

I want to help you so that you can help someone else, so that we together can achieve a growth in society more valuable than money. We contribute to the growth of humanity.

I can do this through different channels where I teach personal leadership:

  • "Become your hero" inspirational lectures
  • Workshops where we in groups discuss different topics that characterize personal leadership and heroism.
  • All inclusive packages tailored after your needs and desires for personal growth and leadership.
  • "Hero Academy" for companies. A program for creating a thriving workplace by developing the employees' personal leadership and making them heroes within the company.

So, what do you say:  Are you ready to take control and become the best version of yourself? We can show you the way to personal leadership. All you have to do is let us know. Contact us today!